Custom Order

 Discover the Art of Personalization at Umenzi Designs!

Elevate your style with unique custom creations that speak to your heart!  Whether you're looking for personalized tumblers to keep your beverages stylishly chilled, exquisite jewelry that tells your story, home decor that reflects your soul, or heartwarming gifts that leave lasting impressions, Umenzi Designs has you covered.

How to Place Your Custom Order

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Simply shoot an email to with the following details:

1️⃣ Product Selection: Let us know which item you'd like to customize - tumblers, jewelry, home decor, or gifts.

2️⃣ Your Vision: Share your design ideas, color preferences, and any special elements you'd like to include.

3️⃣ Contact Information: Don't forget to provide your name, phone number, and preferred email for Simone to reach out to you.

Simone will be thrilled to assist you, answer any questions, and bring your dream design to life. She'll work her magic and get back to you with a curated selection of design options that align with your vision.

A Little Patience for Perfection

We understand that great art takes time, and customization is no exception. Rest assured, we'll discuss timelines individually once you've made contact. Our dedication to delivering perfection means you'll have an exceptional piece worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Choose Your Delivery Option

You can opt for the convenience of shipping right to your doorstep, or if you're in Fortville, Indiana, why not enjoy a local pickup? Whichever you choose, Umenzi Designs ensures your precious custom creation arrives safely and beautifully.

Your Imagination is the Limit!

At Umenzi Designs, we believe every creation should be a reflection of your personality and style. Let your imagination run wild and let us bring it to life in the form of stunning tumblers, jewelry, home decor, and gifts that are uniquely yours.

Get ready to own a piece of art that speaks your truth! Don't wait any longer – drop us an email at, and together, let's create a masterpiece that'll stand the test of time.

Your journey to personalized perfection starts now!